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      Tryqit LLC reflects one man's interest in sailing and literature. Problems that arise when sailing motivate new ideas for better equipment. Many times, the focus is too narrow, the market too limited, and it is too expensive to manufacture the envisioned product. However, when it comes to safety, the need is too great to ignore. Snagging the line from a lobster pot is both frustrating and potentially dangerous. A simple piece of equipment that can safely free a boat from being anchored by a lobster pot or other submerged object should be carried on every coastal boat. The Captains Hook fills that need.

      The publishing industry is a tough market for authors. If you aren't famous or connected to insiders in the industry, it is frustratingly hard to find an agent who may or may not catch the interest of a publisher. Fortunately, companies like Amazon now make it possible for indpendent authors to get published. However, it is still a daunting task to navigate the editing, formatting, acquiring cover art, and actually publishing a book. Tryqit is trying to publish thought-provoking novels that we feel ought to be out in the public domain. One book among many millions is still hard for the reader to find and may not sell many copies, but at least it is out there to be found. OUTLIER, The Second Derivative, is our first book. It is a thriller that adresses the timely subject of artificial intelligence. It raises the question of what happens when AI becomes so good it can accurately predict the future?

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